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Ты был здесь ради меня, ты спас меня, ты пригласил меня на свидание и показал, насколько прекрасен этот мир.

—Ятогами Тока, к Шидо Ицуке

Ятогами Тока

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Tohka Dark Form

Кандзи 夜刀神 十香
Ромадзи Yatogami Tohka
Информация Персонажа
Возраст 16 (физический)
Пол Женский
Вид Дух
Цвет Волос Темная Слива
Цвет Глаз Индиго
Прозвища Принцесса
Темная Тока
Королева Демонов
Персональный Статус
Состоит в Рататоск
Средняя школа Райзен
Занятие Студент
Ранг Дух-ААА класса (Обычная Форма)

Дух-SS класса (Обратная Форма)

Озвучивает Иноуэ Марина (Японская)
Мишель Рохас (Английская)

Тока Ятогами (夜刀神 十香 Yatogami Tōka?) — одна из главных героинь серии Date A Live. Также она первый дух, спасенный Шидо.


When Tohka first appeared on Earth, on the 10th of April, she came under attack by the AST. That was also the same day Shido encountered Tohka and later discovered the real reason behind the spacequakes. The next time Tohka encountered Shido, she was again under attack by the AST. During Tohka and Shido's short conversation on their second encounter, Shido gave Tohka her name. During their third encounter in which they went out on a date, Tohka and Shido established a bond, as the boy explained to the Spirit that not all humans were like the AST who are out to kill her. It was during this time, after their date got interrupted by the AST, that Tohka had her powers sealed by kissing Shido for the first time.

After her powers were sealed, Tohka was still unstable and could go off at any moment, mainly due to her emotions which she didn't understand or know how to deal with. But, thanks to some consultation from Reine and some reassuring words from Shido, Tohka was able to better control her feelings of jealousy regarding Shido. After being sealed, Tohka started attending the same school, grade, and class as Shido thanks to the help of Ratatoskr. She made friends while at school, but at the same time, she still sees Origami as an enemy (in many ways), who was also at the same school and classroom as Shido and her. Tohka is currently living in an apartment complex made by Ratatoskr for Spirits beside the Itsuka residence where Shido lives.

Tohka was later captured by DEM at the end of Miku Lily. During the events of Miku Truth, when Shido came to rescue Tohka and was about to be killed by Ellen, Tohka became filled with such despair and transformed, attacking everyone in sight, including Shido.  Westcott named her transformation the "Demon King," adding that this state was the actual form in which Spirits took on in the bordering dimension they had come from before manifesting in this world.  Luckily, Tohka did not stay in her dark transformed state for long, as she was brought back to her senses with a kiss from Shido and saved once again. 


Tohka is a girl with dark-purple hair and pupils which are colored dark-blue on the top half and a mix of pink and pale yellow on the bottom half. Shido describes her as an "impossibly beautiful girl.” Tohka's height is stated to be 155cm, and her three sizes are B84/W58/H83

Upon her arrival on Earth, she wore a dress with a black, cream, and pink color scheme and a set of purple-and-cream plated armor which adorned her shoulders and waist. The dress is open at the back and made up into a black corset (which exposes some of her cleavage) and a two-layered, knee-length skirt which has a pink-to-white gradient. Her hair is tied back using a butterfly-shaped hair accessory. She also wears a pair of gauntlets which have petal-like cuffs, both sharing the same color scheme as her attire, as well as a pair of armored boots.

Upon her admission to Raizen High School, she adopts the uniform of the said school, although she wears a skirt similar to the dress she wore upon her arrival.


When Tohka first appeared on Earth, unsealed, she had a cold, emotionless demeanor. She was very wary of humans because she was constantly being attacked by the AST, before Shido finally got the chance to talk to her. However, after her powers were sealed by Shido, she could finally develop and express feelings, as well as experience life on Earth. Due to the fact that Tohka is new to everything (including her emotions), she has a very cheerful and child-like personality that can make her seem naïve, emotional, energetic, and gullible at times. She easily became excited at seeing all the things on Earth that she had never seen before. Origami has used her naïve nature against her on multiple occasions. She usually needs one of her friends (mostly Shido) to point out to her when she's being tricked.

Despite her lack of knowledge or experience, Tohka does have a normal sense of embarrassment, as shown by her overreacting when caught in humiliating situations. She did not, however, initially know what a kiss was, nor did she hesitate in performing one the first time with Shido, but later found she hates seeing him kiss other girls. At times, Tohka can be surprisingly insightful, as well as perceptive and understanding in regards to other people's feelings, especially when it concerns Shido and her fellow Spirits. She also has a fair level of sensibility and common sense towards battle, which arguably is the only thing she has any real memories of.

In her Inverse form, Tohka is considerably more hostile than before. While she would normally hold back so as to not kill her opponents (unless seriously angered), she will now utilize unrestrained force in order to eliminate her foes. She also appears to lose her recent memories, namely, her memories of Shido, and comes to interpret him as a human trying to deceive her. However, even while in her Inverse state, Tohka has shown the capacity for both confusion and fear, both aimed towards Shido for his inexplicable (to her) familiarity with her and for the strange feelings she has towards him, which stands as a very strong remnant of Tohka's usual self; to the point where a direct kiss from Shido was enough to calm her down and bring Tohka out of her Inverse form by reminding her of everything he had done for her.

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Появления: Тома 1-18



  • Эпизоды 1-13 (Сезон 1 )
  • Date A Live OVA: Date to Date
  • Эпизоды 1-10 (Сезон 2)
  • Date A Live Encore: Kurumi Star Festival

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Появления: Главы 2, 4, 9

  • Date A Live (Ринго)
  • Date A Live (Инуи Секихико)
  • Date A Origami
  • Date A Party

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  • Тока, появившаяся с Сандалфоном
  • Первая встреча
  • Халванхелев
  • Павершлев

Ангел: Сандалфон (鏖殺公 (サンダルフォン), Ousatsukou, lit., «Трон уничтожения»)

Оружие: Двуручный меч

Финальный меч: Халванхелев [最後の剣(ハルヴァンヘレヴ)], Saigo no Ken, lit., «Меч конца»)

Астральное платье: Адонай Мелек (神威霊装・十番 (アドナイ・メレク), Shin'i Reisou: Juuban, lit., "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 10")

Tohka is a highly offensive combatant who uses a sword as her primary weapon. Aside from this, Tohka also has a lot of "mana" within her Spirit body, which increases both her offensive and defensive abilities.  She can put up a powerful barrier around herself, utilize energy blasts with her hands or fingertips, as well as create shockwaves with a mere arm swipe.

Her primary armament is Sandalphon, which takes on the appearance of a gilded throne which doubles as the scabbard of her greatsword. Tohka's fighting style mostly consists of strong, swift physical attacks with “mana” encasement on her sword and body, or a high energy attack (like a laser beam) combined with her sword.

The throne itself seems to be a kind of support machine, depending on how Tohka uses it. The throne can be changed into a transport vessel by laying it horizontally, or to unlock the final form of her weapon, Halvanhelev, an massive, single-edged zanbatō-like sword, by cutting the throne in half, drastically increasing her Angel's destructive power.  Later in the series, after Tohka's power was sealed by Shido, she can still retrieve a bit of her original power if she focuses hard enough and/or if she became emotional. Eventually, Tohka learns how to, albeit instinctively, take back the entirety of her powers, which she successfully does when battling Origami during the events of Tobiichi Angel (Volume 10).


Король Демон: Нахема (暴虐公 (ナヘマー), Bougyakukou, lit., "Тиран-правитель")

Weapon: One-edged/Single-edged sword

Final Sword: Paverschlev [(終焉の剣(ペイヴァーシュへレヴ)] , Shuuen no Ken, lit., "Sword of Demise")

Астральное платье: Безымянное

After prolonged exposure to negative emotions when Shido was about to be killed, Tohka transforms into her other form, which, according to Wescott, is her true form in the bordering dimension where she comes from. 

She obtains Nehemah, a darker version of Sandalphon, and her Astral Dress becomes much darker and more revealing.

Tohka's overall abilities in this state are the same as in her Spirit form, just darker in color and nature. According to Ratatoskr's Daily Observations however, Tohka's offensive abilities in this form are actually greater then in her normal, at the cost of having her defensive powers lower in respond. She also seems to gain an immunity to attacks used against her while in this form, as she survived a point blank range attack Ellen used against her, whether this is an ability or simply her own durability is unknown.

Her Demon King, Nehemah, is described to be the opposite of her Angel, Sandalphon, which is a gilded throne that stores a greatsword, instead being a one edged sword that remains separate from a dark grey collared throne. However, like with Sandalphon, Tohka can destroy Nehamah's throne and add the shattered pieces to her sword to summon Paverschlev, a darker version of Halvanhelev. A single, full powered swing of Paverschlev has proven to be strong enough to completely destroy a large part of Tengu City and the mountains behind it, as well as a large army of Kurumi clones and <Bandersnatch> in the process. After using up all of it's power, Paverschlev will disappear, leaving only the one edged sword Nehemah behind.

While in this form, Tohka has no memories of her normal self, and has shown no hesitation to kill anyone. Also, after returning to normal, Tohka has shown to have no memories of what happened when she was in this form.

Tohka nearly entered this state again in Volume 10, when she was having a mental crisis because she lacked the power (due to being sealed) to protect her friends (the other sealed Spirits) against Origami's attacks. Fortunately, Tohka did not transform, as she instinctively realized beforehand that she was about to succumb to the dark power inside her again, knowing full well that relying on this power would not help her save anyone.

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  • В манге «Свидание с Оригами» у Токи есть робоверсия, которая менее умна чем сама Тока.
  • Имя Токи отражает шаблон имен среди Духов. «Тока» пишется как 十 香 с иероглифом 十 (десять). Цифра десять относится к десятой Сефире Древа Жизни в каббале, которая относится к «царству». Концепция «царства» отражена в ее астральном одеянии, которое представляет собой смесь платья принцессы и доспехов рыцаря, а также в ее оружии, которое появляется в форме трона.
    • Её Король Демон — Нахема, десятый демон в Древе Клипот.
    • Имя Тока Шидо дал девушке в день их первой встречи, 10 Апреля, 2013 г.
    • «Ятогами» можно перевести как «Ночь/Темный меч Бога».
  • Имя её ангела (Сандалфон) имеет несколько переводов. На иврите означает «Бог», с греческого переводится как «брат», а также «Владыка высоты» и «Звук сандалий». 
  • Сандалфон связан с планетой Земля. И, очевидно, что большая часть ее сил связана с элементом земли. 
  • Согласно послесловии к 7 тому ранобэ, причина инверсии Токи, одетой в более откровенное астральное платье, связана с тем, что персонаж-антагонист более сильнее склонен к соблазнению героя истории, в то время как оригинальная Тока была скромной и скрывала свою личность.
  • Тока говорила Шидо, что она может съесть сковородки.
  • Шидо однажды пообещал Токе никогда не целовать других девушек кроме нее, даже не подозревав о том, что это может спасти других духов.
    • При этом Тока всегда случайно приходит к Шидо в тот момент, когда он запечатывает силы Духа поцелуем, к его ужасу
  • В аниме самая ценная вещь Токи — хлебная подушка, которую она выиграла в игровом центре с Шидо; она была уничтожена выстрелом Оригами из снайперской винтовки. Но в последующих сериях аниме она имеет точно такую же подушку в своей комнате.
    • Хлебная подушка упоминается Токой как куриная подушка в английской озвучке.
  • Уровень угрозы Токи — AAA-класс, но когда она была в инверсии, то ее силы увеличились до SS-класса, самого высокого уровня, превосходящего Куруми.
    • В 10 томе ранобэ Оригами, превращенная в духа «Фантомом», как в обычной, так и в инверсии имеет тот же ранг угрозы что и Тока в обычной форме и в инверсии. Однако мана Токи сильнее маны Оригами.
  • В ранобэ и манге Тока создала себе школьную форму, скопировав ее у мимо проходившей ученицы. В аниме она скопировала форму с фотографии Оригами, которая была у Шидо.
  • В ранобэ Тока узнала значение слова «свидание» перед ее первым свиданием с Шидо, в то время как в аниме она узнала об этом уже после первого свидания с Шидо.
  • Название астрального платья Токи — Адонай Мелек, что означает «Господь Царствующий и Сущий» или «Господин и Царь».
  • В превью игры Date A Live: Ars Install имя и фамилия были записаны как «Тока Ягами» вместо «Тока Ятогами».
  • В 6 серии 2 сезона Тока поет, тем самым показывая прекрасный голос.
    • По совпадению, сейю Токи — Марина Иноуэ — помимо озвучки является певицей.
  • В 9 главе 7 тома показано, что Тока знает о регенерации Шидо, которую он получил от Котори.